Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Doctor A Day

My days have been filled with wrapping wounds and doctor visits.

We have been diligently working on the hubby's foot but now new problems have arisen that have gotten all of us on alert. His regular clinic has a wound center but the employees were constantly refusing treatment because it interfered with the 2-hour lunches and early closings. So I've become  'Nurse Nancy'. The doctor wasn't thrilled about our refusal to deal with the wound center but....oh well.

 A few days earlier, I had to rush the hubby to an ER because he couldn't breath, BUT, tests prove that he didn't have any oxygen problems. A trip to his doctor also says A-ok while he sits there, not able to catch his breath.

To date we have gone back and forth to doctor offices for five straight days with a sonogram to check for blood clots and a sleep apnea test in the future. Doctor's waiting room=plenty of embroidery time.

On the plus side I registered the girls for Special Olympics bocce ball so they can be busy throughout the summer. took quite a while to get the oldest to understand that Special Olympics is NOT in a foreign country! She was so upset and adamant that I had to get a friend that is with our Special Needs group to talk to her about how Arlington is NOT in a different country.

First practice went really well even if the oldest tries to throw the ball into the next county!     The youngest have found her niche. She was eyeing her best shot and nailing it every time. The trainer thought, already, that she could win medals. This thrilled her to no end.

Both girls have to have physicals before competition so I'll be living at the clinic for a while.

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