Monday, June 6, 2016

Daybook June 16

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 For today,June 16 ,2016

(Looking out my window)
The wet weather has finally stopped with humid, hot temps now. The small lake that is my bake yard is slowing drying up. Thank goodness I paid attention to the Farmer's Almanac and decided to do container planting this year. (Nobody that I know has a garden that survived our floods). 

(I am thinking)
That after dealing with doctors, wound centers and inept nurses, we are seriously considering finding a nutropath to treat my husband's diabetic would and his respiratory problems that these "normal" can't seem to diagnose. I refuse to let him fall in between the cracks of the system. 

(I am thankful)
that I have enough TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) training that I can help my husband.I am also thankful for the divine who have come to our aid as well. This will be a tough climb upwards. 
(One of my favorite things)
My babygirl, Alyssa, who during this rather
  difficult time has helped me from taking care of her Autistic sister's issues to doing all the daily chores. She definitely gets a gold star.

(I am wearing)
A blue maxi tye dye skirt with a  blue tank

(I am creating)
Since my youngest loves all things Asian, I am embroidering a Kokishi doll pillow.

(I am watching)
Barney Miller (betcha you can't guess how old I am!)

(I am hoping)
That the angels hear my prayers as I struggle against an ailing medical system.  

(In my kitchen)
waiting for the marinade of the hubby's diabetic steak dinner to be done with.

                               (In my garden)

I have herbs, veggies, hummingbird flowers and even some catnip for the kitties flowering or almost ready to. Unfortunately you can't sit on my front porch any longer. LOL

                                            Board room 

 I love this show. My husband always wants to analyze it being a retired drywall expert. But I find it very inspiring, calming and funny. I've grown to detest shows full of negativity and conflict. I just want to watch something for entertainment value. And this is it, Chip is a hoot and the fact that they actually bring their kids to work reminds me when I was a kid and my own dad took me along as well.


  1. Shirley, I hope your husband finds the correct help that he needs. Thank you for your daybook entry.


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