Sunday, July 24, 2016

God Blesses Us

As with all things, God blesses us when you least expect it.

Within the last few days, Gary's blood sugar has gone from 500 to 127.If you don't know, a person's blood sugar should be in the 100s.

And now the youngest and myself are losing weight because we are following Gary's cardiac/low salt diet.

Well, we don't 'call it' a diet; we just know what he can or cannot eat. And we MUST stick to it. Not like "I'll keep with it until I get bored". It's amazing how we have a tendency to be so lax with diets until our livelihood depends on it.

So we decided to get on Gary's diet to make it easier on him. He had to lose weight to remove the large amounts of fluid in his lungs. No sodium, carbs or sugar, natural or otherwise. The youngest and I have lost a considerable amount of weight ourselves. Within a week my daughter lost 12 and I have l4.

I pray for my husband's health a great deal and I trust in what He does but I still am amazed when it happens.

It has also given us a stark realization of the people around us; both friends and family. And neither have been warranted of loyalty. It is not as if all fall into this category but a large number do.  I think it was partially denial, or laziness or not willing to 'deal' with my relatives. We tolerated certain individual's behavior knowing full well that they did things that were completely against our belief system. 

In retrospect, I think everyone does this from time to time but ours was in major denial and I believe the thoughts of such abrupt change and loss of life created moderate to serious life changes. In the beginning, my husband stubbornly fought this in the beginning but now is realizing on our lives are not really ours.

It's amazing when one realizes that your time is short, how you begin to live that life.

I started to create story quilts for my daughters and noticed our awareness is now is being absorbed by our daughters. The need to believe and the need to seek our G-d have become paramount with the girls. The oldest, had issues with facing G-d and the youngest has now returned to church. This was not something I requested or inquired about. Rather they sought out help on their own. I, myself, sought out spiritual help. More help that I had been given in the past. And He answered. While answering I was allowed to see the truth and it meant big changes. But then He is a big game player.

In the process, Gary's health has improved slightly and we have high hopes that his mobile defib apparatus will be allowed to be removed, which will relieve a great deal of his stress. And those friends? Well we believe that if they were truly an important part of our lives then their actions would be more positive and life affirming and therefore they would still be here. But they are not and there are others would will fit in more into our plans....

Or more importantly, G-d's plans.

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  1. Thank you. Removal of negativity has done a great deal.



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