Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day Book 8/13/2016

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For today, August 13,2016
 (Looking out my window)
our pool which is generally used as a therapy tool for both my two spinal disabilities and for Gary to reduce the fluid in his lungs due to his congestive hear failure and his diabetes. It is just way too hot to be walking here (with temps averaging at 105).  The cat seem interested in it as well; maybe she's just reading the church notes. 

I am thinking

about getting more involved in church....
I am grateful....
to God for watching over my husband and also my brother, who is suffering from cancer
I am thankful
our friends and family and The Lord

 One of my favorite things
My favorite photo of my parents. 
 I am creating

I am watching
Joel Osteen

I am listening to

I am reading
Dead Doctors don't Lie by Dr Wallach

In the Kitchen

 While others show their wonderful meals, this is ours. We live on a diet of fruits veggies(usually salads) and measured amounts of protein(usually chicken), nutrients and protein drinks. oh and the 19 meds for Gary(see purple box in background).

I am hoping

that my husband and brother are healed 

I am learning
 That those whom I do not want in my life and have been told this; seem to push ever harder to squeeze in. 
"Satan, get behind thee!"

Board Room

Quilt by Maureen E.
I love quilts and I pray one day that I will be able to acquire a machine quilter.

Shared Quote 

A moment from my day 
this is where my husband sleeps on a nightly basis since he has to sit up to breathe. It's become the center of the home now; even the cats find their way so that they can be with him. 

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  1. You appear to have challenges in you life, but you also appear to keep your mind focused on trusting the LORD.
    And a home with a cat, or two, helps too!
    Blessings to you!
    P.S. I live in NC.


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