Monday, August 1, 2016

daybook 8/1/16

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 For today,August 1 ,2016
 (Looking out my window)
Another extremely hot Texas day and the grounds are drying up

  I am thinking
of ordering funeral insurance
I am grateful....
for the time that God has given me with my family
 One of my favorite things
Actually, it is a favorite place; the Sam Houston Memorial Park, the home of all of the homes of General Sam Houston in Huntsville Texas. 

I am creating
  I am watching
Tales of Irish Castles (netflix)

I am wearing

Camel slacks with black sequined blouse
I am listening to  

the wind slapping the branches against the trees

 In the kitchen

                                Nothing cooking here since we are without food at the moment

  Board Room

My dream vacation

 (Diane Sanders)

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  1. It sure is horribly hot, isn't it? Loved reading your Daybook entry. Sorry I've been away so long. Hope you have a blessed week!

  2. It's nice to see you back Kathy!

  3. I love the quote at the end. I really hope things start getting easier for you.

  4. Thank you Felicia. I hope things are becoming better for you.


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