Friday, August 26, 2016

New School Year/Old problems

Well school has started once again. Kids get new clothes and enter into new classrooms.  However, first day at my school was more aggravating then fun.

Her community told us at the end of the Spring semester that they would be putting in a new computer program. Even then I just thought 'Oh no'. Unfortunately I was right.

We signed her up for two classes that she didn't do well in . A class that she will not be taking. The school has a very difficult time with getting students to take certain classes. So during the summer they decided to make her biology class into a online course instead of the normal physical class. However, the counselor never called, never left a email not a voice mail. But she said she did but since both my husband and I are disabled and are ALWAYS home, and if we aren't , then both of our daughters are. They may have You Tube or music going but they are always home. This is the second time this counselor has done this as well.

So we signed her up for another required class, we were told that financial aid had not arrived because of the new computer program. We discovered that her Student I.D. expired and therefore she couldn't get her financial aid without it. We were told 'On we don't have any more of those, come back tomorrow.' We arrived the next day to be told that they didn't have them on the second day either.

We finally got the card the second day and we are still waiting on financial aid. I feel for the professors as they can't even teach without it!

Definitely transferring to a 'real' college.

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  1. The red tape of admissions and tuitions and student records and all that ... what a whirlwind of details that can all be!

    My August SW Daybook post is up - at Practically at Home.


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