Friday, September 9, 2016

Simple Woman 9/9/16

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 September, 9,2016;1:24p.m

Looking out my window...
windy and blowing away our elm trees' leaves. Autumn is on the way
I am thinking..
what has God have planned for us as He has told me to be patient. 

                                                               One of my favorite things
                                                listening to Old Crow Medicine Show

 I am creating 
embroidering a square for an anniversary quilt for my church's preacher and his wife. 

 I am watching.

Netflix's Stranger Things

 I am reading.
The Bible; book of James

 I am listening to
Old Crow Medicine Show

 I am hoping.

That God will bless and heal my husband, my brother and brother in law

 I am learning

to be tolerant of the judgemental Christians that I find myself surrounded by. 
 In the kitchen
not much to be had
 In the garden
soil is tilled and the winter crops are working hard to rise
 board room

(Scott R. Rezer)
Civil War couple

Shared quote
Nadja grau)

A moment from my day

A rather hectic night has resulted in a lazy day. After an evening of Bible home study, Hubby had a not so good night which resulted in several of us sleeping late.  No class today. I've kept soft music from Alison Krauss and Nickel Creek playing to keep Dad relaxed and peaceful even though that is far from what we feel these days.

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