Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I try to take the time to read other's posts in the morning after the house is calm and the oldest is off to school. This morning I came across 'Barefoot Mom's post which is a positive affirmation type of blog. This, I have stolen from her because of the season and the nastiness due to our recent election, this is something that is sorely needed.


this is my oldest daughter's artwork. Each card she writes is adorned with her one of a kind art, which we have saved. I love this and not because my autistic daughter has created them but for their uniqueness and character. My family are mostly artists so her work fits right in. 

Who in your life are you grateful for?

That could be a long list. I'm grateful to my parents for their 'depression ear' influence'. It made my life a lot more difficult growing up (no laid back lifestyle here) but made me appreciate it more as I got older.  My older sister who suffered through Bipolar syndrome through out my life. Not only did it steer my life towards the medical field, it helped me prepare for a life with Autistic children and realizing that the world isn't fair and doesn't have to be.  I'm also grateful for the friends that have come and gone, especially my relationship with Ms. T. P.  Although we are no longer considered what is an average 'friendship', the relationship helped me to come to terms with certain areas in my life and beliefs and to move on out of the rut that had surrounded my life(thank you 💚😄). I am able to move forward now.

What song are you grateful for?

Wow. That can be a long long one. 

'You are my sunshine' which is one that was sung at family funerals. Loch Lomond, Brigadoon(my first musical), Our house(csny); reminds me of my very first house. Sweet Home Alabama (always played at bike runs as I remember all of our friends meeting there. And 'I never promised you a rose Garden' which was my mother's favorite and she sang it all of the time regardless of the fact that she couldn't sing. LOL

What story are you grateful for

Those stories usually are around my mother and her brother, 'Babe'. Babe was a jokster and my mother was pretty gullible  He was constantly doing things to her and she always seemed to believe him!

There was the time that she accidentally hit her finger with a hammer and it turned black and soon would fall off. Babe would tell my mother that it was gong to fall and and she would die but  don't tell mama and daddy, it would just make them sad. Next day, the nail fell off and she wasn't dead. Screaming and throwing of household objects ensued. 

Next he told her that fire ants were red devils and would grab her by the toe and drag her down to hell. Next day, sure enough....And who said that the depression was a sad time? My uncle certainly kept things jumping. 


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

    I enjoyed this post. You have a most interesting blog -- one that I'm going to have to visit more indepth soon!

    Wishing you joy for the journey.

    1. Why thank you Brenda! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. We may not be closer anymore but thank you also, it benefited us both.

    1. It doesn't mean that I don't care about you but I feel we are doing better separate than together. We weren't exactly growing like we needed to until we went in different directions. :)



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