Friday, January 6, 2017


 Now I've never been one for New Year's resolutions because they are never kept by me or any one I know. So I've decided  to have 'if' goals:

1. IF Alyssa's first semester goes well and IF financial comes through at Midwestern State, I will sign up for art classes again

2. WHEN (ANOTHER FORM OF IF) Spring comes I will have that yard sale and get rid of 'stuff' I do not need 

 3.IF I finally get my disability (after almost 5 years), I will leave this place, possibly to someplace warmer and near the water and never return.

3.If I get out of here, I will find a inspiring place that has a thriving artist community instead of treating art as a disease. 

And that would be my goals

To do what I love

To live somewhere that I love and not because I had to be there

To make just enough money to get me to the beach or the or the mesa

and just be happy.

No big houses
No big cars 

Just me the family 

good music

a little food 
and finally going home.

That's all the resolution I would need.


  1. Those sound absolutely wonderful especially living somewhere close to the sea.

  2. come...come....come to The Casbah :)

  3. I absolutely love your approach to the new year and it made me smile on this foggy, dreary day and I hope lots of your If's become yes.

  4. Thank you Pat. I am working hard to get them to end up in the Yes category.



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