Saturday, January 14, 2017

Just another day

Starting Tuesday, my life will not be my own because my youngest will be attending Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. 
I'm not looking forward to the Monday -Friday schedule of an hour drive.Then there is the struggle with their registration process.

1. We were told that A would need a checking account so her financial aid could be sent there instead of her previous college's method of a debit cart. That hasn't been been. In fact, financial aid told us that her financial aid was already there and the business office stated that it wasn't (sigh).

2. She decided to major in art towards a Early Childhood Education certification but her 'advisor' wouldn't advise her at all so a meeting with the Art Department's Dean has been called with me over this.

3. Also I have to speak with the registrar chief over classes that were required and taught by Midwestern's curator/ museum plus several English classes that are exactly the same as they were at her previous college.

Soooooo, it appears I will be spending just as much time at college as she will be. The poor thing has enocholphobia  (a type of phobia of crowds) and vehophobia (fear of driving)and she will have both

 both day and night classes since her art teacher doesn't think that the freshman students need the same amount of time as the senior students. Unfortunately those were her words. Well you can't choose instructor.  However, that Doctor over the Student Services Dept(for special need students) makes up for all the turmoil. Her energy was quite positive and made A to feel very comfortable. The building will make a wonderful place for A to de-stress due to large or negative filled classes.


Things are improving for me these days. Lately I've been attempting to lose weight using the husband's low carb diet that he uses due to his diabetes and heart issues. I didn't really expect lose much but I've actually been doing pretty well. I have to do the old measuring technique and I write write the carbs down on a dry erase board.  Within 2 months, I've lost about 30 lbs. That is a lot for me since I cant exercise very much due to my disability so I'll take what I can get.

I actually expect that A will be losing a bit herself since they give her 5 minutes to get to her next class. It's not anything she cant do but it does mean fast walking may be in order. I know on the first day of registration was rather tiresome in the walking venue. :)

I'm certainly thankful that my own college days are over for I don't believe I would have the energy any longer.


  1. Hope she gets settled in ok. Congrats on the loss of weight.

  2. college days are hard! hopefully she will have a great semester!!



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