Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Daybook 2/8/17

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February 8,2017; 541 p.m.

looking out of my window

This morning it was sunny and slightly warm. Now the chill came back with abandon

I am thinking
About our neighbors across the street.He has alziemers. His wife abandoned him and didn't tell the adult daughters. Fortunately he was found and brought home.  If you don't mind, please pray for them both.

I am thankful
For my dilapidated  house, my 15 year old car and my heater that barely works.  Because it's mine and was given to me so I would be thankful for the little things. 

One of my favorite things 

This photo of my parents when they were newlyweds

I am creating
Embroidery designs for my Etsy shop

'I am reading
Stranger in a strange land by Robert A Heinlein 
I am hoping
For peace and the end to the tyrannical bullies. And pray that G-d will save us.

I am learning
 A lot about Canada
 In my kitchen
Turkey burger for the oldest, chicken for the youngest, steak for the hubby and a vegan plate for me. 

In my garden

 Not so much my normal garden. But I found these plants being placed for the garbage man. And I could not resist!



Some people are so afraid to die that they forget to live....  Henry Van Dyke

Life is a banquet and more poor suckers are starving to death!....Mame Dennis

Spent my day drawing embroidery designs for spring.


  1. Your embroidery work is amazing! So beautiful!

    That makes me sad about your neighbors. My Dad had Alzheimer's Disease and it is a very challenging disease that has such an impact on family members. It's too bad that the wife didn't notify the adult daughters. I hope that he is receiving the care and support he needs to move through this part of his life.

    1. He will be returning home this Friday and will have much better treatment with not only his daughters but ourselves watching over him. Thank you for your comment. :)

  2. love the design for the shop, those are some pretty plants.

  3. Thank you for a peek into your world today. What a pretty embroidery piece. Lovely colours. Like a garden.

    And I liked that photo of your parents when they were young. When I look at old photos of young couples or newlyweds, I often wonder if the joy in their eyes remained as the years past. I hope it was so for your parents.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  4. And, I will say a prayer for your neighbours. B



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