Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Good Day

Well today actually was a good day. All weekend my town had a city wide yard sale and I actually did not go. That is a first for me.  We are attempting, in a very serious way to save money so buying more junk instead of getting ride of what we have in our goal. 

I did have to spend money in the pet department however. We had purchased a new microfiber recliner just two days ago to have one of our many cats decide to urinate on it. Now we knew we were going to have to buy 'stuff' to protect the chair but the chair came two days early and we were just praying that the sheet we covered it with would suffice for the next 12 hours. No dice. Sooooo.....

 The husband and I took off for a town an hour away to hit the local PetCo while I commanded my 21-year-old to sit in the chair to protect it from cats. 

We returned after 3 hours with a funky looking cat scratch post and plenty of spray to ward off the most stalwart of felines  from marking their territory. 

We have been without internet for seven days now. Not the neighborhood; just us. The family, of course is going a little nuts, except me. I kind of like it. Of course, I was raised in a commune as a kid so I personally didn't see what the problem was. LOL

   However, I was not happy about NBC canceling the only show that I regularly watch and that is Grimm. But I suppose 6 seasons is not a bad run. It was one of the most imaginative show I had seen in a while. 

But.I did decide to being writing Grimm fan fic, which has been fun. Lemon into lemonade, right? Right. 
I guess when you can't do anything about your situation, that is all you have to do.

We are still waiting on the court system in OK to finalize my disability, which is slower than molasses. However we informed the in-laws that we are leaving without replying to the question 'why did you come back'. That was a kettle of fish we didnt want to deal with. 

But we are in the process of selling off items even though it may be a year before we can leave. But our attitudes are on the up and up as we begin the process. And that is half the battle. 



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