Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day Book/ Cross Stitch House Cleaning.

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March, 1 2017  4:46 p.m.

Being an artist I am just horrible at due dates. I get so wrapped up in projects or designing the project. I couldn't even remember if I had done my daybook yet(sigh) 
BUT here I am, a day late and a dollar short but here nonetheless.   Cheers!

Looking out my window...

Spring has sprung here in North Texas; the yard is filled with yellow dandelions and purple flowers.And my Jack, Lightning is thrilled with it as well. 

I am thinking..
about becoming more frugal. I have re-found an old recipe site that was once called Hillbilly Housewife and now is called FRUGAL ABUNDANCE. Her name is Miss Maggie and she has a wonderful site with a lot of frugal recipes and tips and I suggest thoroughly that my friends here check her out.

I am thankful
 for the health of my husband, the help of my youngest who doesn't think twice about doing such things like tying my shoes and help me stand from a low seated chair.

I am creating

finishing several pieces

I am listening

West Wing

I am hoping

to leave this town for my hometown near Houston

I am learning

not to rush things;He will get it done in his own time. :)

In the kitchen

our indoor kitties all curled up on the wooden kitchen table peering into the darkness of our back yard.


Board room

by  joao godhino

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  A Day in the life


Our days are one of routine

First thing is the 19 pills and two different insulin shots for his heart and diabetes. Then a breakfast of 2 eggs, 1 piece of toast, 8oz water and 1 cup of coffee. Then, checking of blood pressure and blood sugar.This is followed by him having to rest because of his breathing problems.  This now means I have to feed out numerous pets and those chores that we all detest: 4 loads of laundry cleaning the floors, dishes, etc. By evening, it is the same routine of pills and injections followed with a frugal meal of little meat, few carbs and plenty of fruits and veggies.


I feel like changes are happening. I have prayed that, if God is willing, to allow us to return to South East Texas. But my husband seemed to be sitting on the fence. Lately, without any coercion from me, he has announced that we must become even more frugal than what we have been in the past to save for the journey home. 

So now we are simplifying, cutting back and praying everyday. I know that God is watching over us or this would not be happening. I would be the only one with the dreams of returning while  the husband was still fence sitting


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