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Day Book April 25,2017

For Today

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                               For Today April 25, 2017

Looking out my window

typical Spring day;warm,sunny with slight breeze.
I am thinking

that I'm really tired of being disabled; this is now my mode of transportation
( but the wolf carving is cute)

I am thankful
That my youngest finally got into a college so she could major in Computer Technology. You would be amazed at how many only teach Computer Science. 

 One of my favorite things
My wonderful husband bought me entire set of copper cook ware due to not being able to stand for long periods. I love it.   I am creating
colorful wooden windchimes

I am reading
 The Lightworker's Way by Doreen Virtue

I am hoping
that my disability will come in soon

I am learning
different methods in visualization

In my kitchen 

When you are retired, one has the habit of eating lighter

Board room

Post Script

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A moment from my day

1. made breakfast 2. Laundry.3. sketch embroidery designs,work on embroidery designs,4. take nap, 5. repeat 4

I know, exciting, right?
I thought so. :)

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  1. Days may not be exciting but the quietness of them is wonderful.

  2. I love the wolf carving! Sounds like it's been peaceful overall for you.



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