Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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Day book

For Today

Tuesday, April, 9:15pm

This has been a busy week as I suppose every person of faith is at this time. Ours happened to collide my two autistic daughters' Special Needs baseball. Fortunately it didn't rain, which is a first here in North Texas. This was followed by their baseball organization's monthly 'movie' night, which was Moana. And from an adult's perspective, it was actually pretty good. The adult parents were laughing as much as the adult 'kids'. 

Between baseball and monthly parties, Special Olympics and Special Needs rodeos and all of them about an hour or two away, it's gets exhausting for us 'oldsters (as were called by a 19 your old coach who was meaning and probably still have her baby teeth).

As demeaning as it was, she was right. The husband and I are  of the Baby Boomer Generation which is not good since our generation is moving up rapidly on the 'in need' scale just like our children. 
 Scary thought.

BUT.....today was a day of baking!

 We must have pretty colors!

This is 2014 so you see, it is a family tradition. :)

Looking out my window

beautiful sunny day with a little breeze

I am thinking
that it is time to begin getting rid of stuff. 

I am thankful

that today was one of my 'good' days(pertaining to my back aka denigrative back issue


One of my favorite things

My kindle paperwhite. 
I adore being able to read in the car or in bed (while watches the same John Wayne movie for the 11,000000 time)

I am creating

It's amazing what you can do with thread! Now How many pets do YOU have :)

I am wearing
denim skirt with pink tunic

I am reading
an Amanda Lee Mystery

I am watching
Hallmark's Evidence A Fixer Upper) Mystery

I am hoping
to have a better day tomorrow
I am learning
listen to the Holy spirit instead of doing it myself
In my kitchen
it still smells of sugar cookies and homemade frosting

Board room

embroidered mandala from Red Thread Studio




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