Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Daybook and changing

                                    The clock says.....9:38 am.

                                     Looking out my window....
          A very quiet morning; no traffic after last night's rain storm

                                 In my cup.....berry herbal tea.
                                  I am thinking.....
                                  I am thankful for.....
My two little witches...well they are not little anymore but one is always striving to make me laugh while her sister never fails to put me the in "WTH/what did she just say??" category. Sometimes it's hard but I love them both. 

One of my favorite things......going ghost hunting. I used to be a paranormal investigator under the name of 'Mother Ghost' and I loved, loved,loved it. Some people don't believe in it but I always had a whale of a time!

I am wearing....does it really matter?

I am creating....

1) working on an embroidery piece using my daughter's old jeans 2)concocting something using sulfur....shhhhh😜
The Last Movie I saw.....
a murder mystery show on Hallmark.(dont watch much since prices got so high.
I am reading.....Preparing for Life by Dr. Jed Baker(a book preparing adult autistics for the 'real world).

Book Trailer, book releases July 7th.

I am listening to.....6 oclock news by John Prine
In the garden.....I have half a dozen herbs, flowers and lots of tomatoes that are not done yet.

I am hoping.....that my kitchen concoction pans out  

A moment from my day......coffee with my 'partner in crime'

I am learning.....to stop worrying and to do something about it. (whatever the 'what' is).

In the kitchen...tomatoes, potatoes and beans for dinner

In the board room....


A shared quote.......

A few plans for the rest of the week......

Making a few new recipes in the kitchen, planning a trip to Vernon College to check out registration for the youngest, regular trip to the wound center to have the old man's wound checked(should be getting nearly healed.

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  1. Yes indeed we are partners in crime, soul sisters stick together.


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